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If you have a vast network of social connections
If you have a hardware sales experience and sales network
If you have the ability to run a successful market star product
Welcome you to join the home furnishing hardware industry in
The dealers are popular in China merchants ... ...
Zhongshan Huang Ding Hardware Company Limited
Address: Zhongshan City Guangdong Province town of triangle of gold of three119 Avenue
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Opportunities for everyone from the market
Chinese home furnishing hardware market
China, has become the world’s largest hardware production and consumption country, the industry more than 300000000000 yuan in annual sales.
The rapid development of the market
As the basis of the rapid development of the industry, hardware industry and development, according to the national statistics with hardware industry, with an annual growth rate of 20%.
In the high-end hardware market advantage highlights
Due to the increased demand for decoration quality, high-quality hardware accessories market grows rapidly, to enter the industry to highlight the advantages.

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